Spotters corner 2


Tekstvak: Spotters had to stay behind the fence and taking pictures was strictly prohibited. If you got caught, the MP confiscated your film-roll. Of course I wanted desperately to get entrance to the base in order to visit Camp New Amsterdam. So I invented a cunning Trojan Horse trick.
I made two large-scale plastic models of the T-33A and the F-102A and painted them in the colours as indicated above. I packed both models in a huge box and sent them to Lt. Col. E.M. Walsh Jr., Commander of the 32nd FIS. I added a letter in which I asked him to allow me a ride in the TF-102A trainer. He was very pleased with the models and made a place for them on his desk. Unfortunately, he wrote, a change in Air Force Policy made it impossible for a non-pilot to ride in one of his aircraft. “But during your visit to the base, we will do the next best thing and give you a ride in the jet simulator.”

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